San Francisco Style Tips

Fashion and style tips for real people who want to add a bit of affordable glamour to every day life

Long White Shirt

The weather is starting to heat up and layers are coming off. This is an easy yet clean look suitable for everyone. Any thrift store has men’s white shirts, choose one that fits you in the shoulders then, off with the sleeves!Due to the length you can choose a fun legging so break out of your comfort zone. Notice the wide straps on the sandals, this balances the look and keeps everything in proportion.

Sheer Dress

Ever see those very sheer, vintage dresses and think, how could I ever wear that? Well, here’s how. Layering will get you the coverage you want and in fact, make this outfit a bit edgy. Belt an oversize men’s jacket over a short, clinging dress and add booties and socks. This outfit is as on trend as it gets. 

Hot Pink and Red All Over

Sick of wearing white, black and grey? Me too! Here’s how to break out of the blahs, pair red with a hot pink blouse. Yes, they work together and color makes everyone feel better! Look for these tones in clothes at thrift and be the splash of color on the usual drab landscape. Dare to stand out and be noticed!

Blue Stripes

This look is slimming for everyone. The vertical stripes and nipped waist create a long, lean look and the blue shirt is also very forgiving. Notice that the pants are not leggings so, again, forgiving to any body hang ups you have. Note: If you have short legs make sure that the pants go to the ankle, otherwise your legs will look shorter! Finish off with the coolest booties you can find and enjoy your weekend! 

Preppy Jean Jacket

This summer the preppy look is everywhere but you still want to look cool not nerdy, right? Here’s how. Wear a jeans jacket under that classic blue blazer, pair with jeans that are turned up once and your favorite heels. This entire outfit can be put together at a thrift store and isn’t it great looking? I think so…

Boyfriend Coat

We have all heard of the boyfriend sweater but boyfriend coat? Why not! This look does create some volume on top which is minimized by wearing a straight jean or pant to contrast. These coats can be found in thrift or consignment just make sure that the sleeve length is altered to fit you.

(Source: Vogue)


Have you noticed all of the graphic prints that are just about everywhere these days? Wearing a bold graphic makes a bold statement and this sweater is a perfect example of how to make the look work for you. Notice the purple leopard print bag giving a bit of an edge to a rather preppy trend, emphasis on the word trend so don’t spend too much adding this to your wardrobe. While it last, enjoy!

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Pin It!

Now this is a statement look! Bright orange and look at those pins? You can capture this look with any jacket and stand out by adding your own pins. Look in thrift stores, there are usually lots of these in the cases, and pick a few that have a similar color in stones, size and metal. Gold with gold, silver with silver. Turn a ho hum jacket into a wow!


Cap It!

When it’s cold outside one way to keep warm is to wear a hat or in this case a cap! I love this look which anyone can wear. This is Chanel but these caps can be found everywhere and to me, add a snap to your style. Personalize with a pin in the center of the cap and just watch how compliments you get!

(Source: Vogue)

Check This

This sophisticated pairing is very unexpected but works because the blouse has a lot of the black that is also in the check of the skirt. If you are going to try this look, make sure that a predominant color, in this case black, is in both garments. The boots work with the length of the skirt which is just below the knee. A bit edgy and very, very French!